Gian Antonio Pisterzi

Gian Antonio Pisterzi

My interest in personal care began at an early age. I have fond memories of the Sundays I spent waiting for my grandfather at the barber’s shop after mass and then returning home with him after he finished running some errands in town.

When I was eight, I worked for two hours doing small jobs in the shop, which my grandfather probably suggested to Augusto, the owner, just to keep me busy. Sundays, the town, the mass, the shop were all connected, everything was precious and special. Sundays turned into weekends and summer holidays until I was 13, when school took me away from the world I loved.

But at 19 that passion became irrepressible, after apprenticeship at a salon for men and women I went to Rome where I attended the Accademia and worked at Enzo Belfiore’s Afrodite salon just a stone’s throw away from the Vatican. Subsequently, I flew to London to take a course proposed by Steiner, the company that manages spas on cruise ships all over the world. With my specialization completed, I had a signed contract and a ticket for Dubai, where the ship that would take me to 36 countries during just one year awaited me.

An exciting professional and educational experience. Different places but, above all, contact with people from all corners of the world. It was during that experience that I decided to focus on the art of barbering.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
- — Eleanor Roosevelt

When I returned I went to Milan, a beautiful city I had fallen in love with, where I read an intriguing anonymous advertisement for a barber, which I answered without taking it too seriously. However, in February 2011 I was working at the Dolce & Gabbana barber’s shop in a highly stimulating atmosphere of weekly shaves for Domenico Dolce and styling for the fashion show models.

The wide open spaces of cruises were replaced by the hectic rhythm of fashion. Timescales, alertness and team work were a new and challenging workout for over a year.

Some head hunters had noticed me and in February 2012 I was asked to be master barber worldwide for Acqua di Parma. This was an extremely gratifying experience because as well as working in the barber’s shop in Via Gesù, I attended various events in international capitals:

London, Paris, Zurich, Moscow, Kiev, Toronto, New York. I also trained the shaving staff and was a consultant on the development of new products. In addition to this, I worked at the company’s SPA in Porto Cervo during the summer. The travel dimension was back in my life.

After more than three years as master barber at Acqua di Parma and an all-around experience in the art of barbering, I felt an increasingly strong need to follow the entrepreneurial path; so much so that in August 2015 I opened my new salon in Via Montenapoleone 17.

A new concept in barbers’ shops that combines tradition with a modern offer extended to include facial care. A place to escape to, to spend some precious time on yourself, sipping a whisky, listening to good music, savouring the ancient tradition of being shaved.

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Pietro Carbone

Pietro Carbone

My passion for barbering came naturally: in the warm love of a typical family from the south, during the Sundays in the country at my grandmother’s, under the scissors of my uncle that used to keep everyone well-kempt.

That same passion, ever-present, pushed me at eleven years of age to step into my first barber shop.

 The summer experiences soon became a full-time dedication.  The need to polish my techniques and the will to widen my professional outlooks brought me first to the best barber shops of Caserta, then to obtain my certification in male hairstyle and eventually to face more complex realities.

In Milan, at Orazio Cirignotta’s barber shop, I plunged into the passion for tradition in a  familial atmosphere but it’s the constant desire of growth that led me to other studios: traditional, modern, refined.

In 2010, the birth of my daughter Evelyn is also the desire of a professional turning point as responsible at Dolce & Gabbana barber shop in Porta Venezia; a thrilling experience from the meetings with eclectic personalities to the glamorous charm of the runaways.

I was called to develop the shop and select the staff; in this context I met Gian Antonio Pisterzi, a young clear  talent, that I immediately decided to take on board.

After a few years of professional growth, we part ways.

I define myself a “nomad barber”, constantly determined to express at my best the devotion to the art of barbering. It is an art made of gestures and sensations that must be as natural as walking.

This is the reason why I decided to embrace Gian Antonio’s project: far from the name of huge corporations but incredibly close to the essence of what I love. 

Viktoryia Kambayeva

Viktoryia Kambayeva

The great desire to travel and learn about the world of Viktoryia started from afar, and to be exact in Gomel, Belarus the country where She was born, and spent the first years of her life. Following the events at Chernobyl, Viktorya had the opportunity to visit Italy several times, as a host of Mariella. The breathtaking beauty, art, history and the fashion of Italy mesmerized her . She browsed magazines, watched the world turn them around in a swirl of lights and colors; she observed people on the streets, while gaining interest in human faces, especially to cuts and colors that give life to the different faces of the world. Returning to her country, she attended the University of Economics in Moscow where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree. But the call for creativity was too strong to stay still.She decided to attend her first lasting cut over six months in Minsk, and then returned to Moscow to investigate further the specific technique. She began her first work experience, savoring even the first successes andsatisfactions that can only come from something that one really loves to do,but Viktoryia understood that it was only in Italy, home of good taste,creativity. Thanks to the friendship she had established back in this beautiful country, she enrolled in the school of hairstyle and out of school, seeking her for  professional opportunities. She left for London, where she began learning the secrets of mastering and shaping of a beard.It is assumed with Costa Crociere, where in addition to enriching their work experiences, and applying  the knowledge gained in barber techniques they also had the pleasure of learning  new languages, while experiencing new countries.Arrived back on dry land, her targeted search for the Barber shop ofexcellence in Milan, the fashion and elegance capital of the world led herto meet and began working with G.A Pizterzi which shows to be fruitful andexciting.


The place, the time

A barber’s shop isn’t just about the barber, it’s also about the place. 

A place that creates a protective cocoon where customers feel at home. A pause, a feeling of peace and relaxation, a place where you can slow down the rhythm of life for a moment and spend time on yourself.


A place where everything is designed to create harmony. Colours and materials, music chosen by the customer, and, if he wants, a glass of whisky or champagne while chatting with the barber.

Another dimension

The customer or, rather, my guest, is totally free to experience the moment in the way he prefers, because it is his moment. My salon is intended to be a door to another dimension, that of total relaxation. The more relaxed the customer, the more gratifying the relationship.

One-to-one relationship

For me it is essential to know how to listen, to talk, perhaps even to offer advice. I want to build a one-to-one relationship that is both human and professional. A relationship in which I do not impose a certain style or a current trend, where choices are made in the interests of my guest by always understanding what my eyes tell me, which have been, and still are, my most invaluable skill.


A wellbeing centre dedicated to people who care not only about wearing the right suit or shoes, but are genuine “connoisseurs” who want to extend this care to something that gets the most exposure, that says the most about us and represents us – our face.

A safe harbour

After working on a cruise ship that took me to 36 countries I can say that, basically, my vision of a barber’s shop is that of a safe harbour, where one can enjoy a moment’s relaxation in peaceful waters.


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